Input Finance Program

Our Input Finance Program allows our member cooperatives to offer seasonal agricultural financing to their customers. Under the program, there are two loan products:

Input Advantage

This loan is designed to capture all of your farmer’s agricultural product needs over the course of the growing season. The Input Advantage Loan can be approved up to $350,000, based on the information submitted in the CFA Input Advantage Application. Loans above $350,000 are also available from CFA but do require additional credit and financial information from the applicant.

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Express Credit

This loan is designed to provide financing of your fertilizer, chemical, seed, and application services to your farmers. The loan can be up to $100,000 based on information submitted in the Express Credit Loan Application. The loan is simple to use as the loan application and loan documentation are combined into one document.

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Features & Benefits


Easy to apply. Fast approval process. Simple loan documentation.


All of the advantages of a captive financing company without the cost of operation or capitalization.

Expert Support

CFA provides ongoing marketing support and training to your staff.

Competitive Advantage

Make your offering very desirable to the customer with easily customizable loan programs and interest subsidy matching.


Finance all agricultural production needs under one loan with CFA.


Competitive interest rate options and loan maturities to match your marketing needs.