• Cooperatives are eligible to be a member of CFA. Membership requires the purchase of one Class A Common share, and is subject to approval by the board of directors. Voting rights are limited to those shareholders that hold a Class A Common share. Voting is proportional to the amount of Class B Common shares held.


  • As a cooperative, CFA exists to provide products and services for it's members. However, membership is not a requirement to receive or use CFA products and services. Individuals and organizations, such as regional cooperative, joint ventures and subsidiaries, that may not be eligible for membership can use CFA's products and services if such use benefit a member.


  • CFA has established a Base Capital Plan for purpose of obtaining the equity capital needed to support its business. A minimum stock investment of $2000 is required for most financial commitments.


  • CFA conducts the majority of its business on a patronage basis. A substantial portion of the annual earnings are returned to the customer as a patronage refund.
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  • The cash portion of any patronage declared will be dependent upon the extent to which the patron has satified its capital requirement.
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  • The deferred portion of any patronage refund declared is distributed in Class B Common shares.
  • Please refer to CFA's Bylaws for more complete information on these subjects. You may access the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws on this website, under the Membership tab.