About Us

The Cooperative Finance Association (CFA) has provided reliable financial products and services to the agricultural industry since 1943. Having worked exclusively with agricultural cooperatives for over 75 years gives us a superior understanding of the operational issues and financing requirements of your customers.

What We Do

CFA offers a full range of financial products and services to agricultural cooperatives and their customers. Our membership-based services include operating and term loans, single-purpose inventory financing, point-of-sale production agriculture financing, and more.

how we work

Co-Op Exclusive

We operate for the benefit of our membership, which is available exclusively to agricultural cooperatives throughout the United States.

Hands-On Support

We employ a staff of highly qualified professionals, including portfolio managers, to better serve our members and their needs.

Patronage Refunds

As a cooperative, a substantial portion of CFA earnings is returned to our members in the form of patronage refunds.

Interested in Becoming a Member of CFA?